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Safari, Ltd

Founded in 1980 after bringing an endangered animals card game from Germany to the United States, they are now a leading manufacturer of high quality educational toys. They specialize in hand painted replicas in various sizes.

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Bullyland, Inc

In business for over 30 years making Comic Characters and over 1000 different animal figurines. Though based in Germany, they are sold in more than 40 countries, in better stores, including toy, hobby, zoo, aquarium, museums, mail order and gift stores. Their figures include detailed and realistic replicas of nature in shape and color, but do not use any material containing PVC.

Schleich Logo


Though the company was founded in 1935, it was 1950s when their cartoon figure line became a hit and 1980s when the animal line was introduced and has taken its place as a worldwide leader.

Papo Logo


Established in 1983, this french company quickly grew to challenge the three biggest companies worldwide.

Soundprints Logo


In 1953 they began selling stuffed toys and became one of the largest sellers of stuffed toys in the United States.

Alpha Fuzzy Town Logo

Alpha's Fuzzy Town

Designing and manufacturing unique and original handmade soft toy animals at affordable prices, Fuzzy Town includes animals and habitats that are all cute and fuzzy.

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Mini Clip Birds Logo

Wild Republic

The Audubon Birds by Wild Republic® is a collection of original realistic plush beanbag and are a perfect replica of the original species in the way they look and sound.

Mega Bloks Logo

Mega Bloks

A simple interlocking building block system, designed for children of all ages launched in 1985, they are a worldwide organization

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Puzz 3D Logo


A leading Canadian puzzle company with many 3 dimensional puzzles. Now owned and distributed by Hasbro.

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