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Dedicated to serving both the collector and the average shopper, Many Miniatures utilizes the global reach and the convenience of the internet. It collects PVC figurines, also known as "inaction figures," from the multitude of sources and places them into a single central spot. At the same time, Many Miniatures offers these smaller items which, while popular, are often considered too small to stock in major stores, where high price/profit merchandise is preferred, and too slow selling to include in smaller shops, where space forces stocking merchandise that is a guarantee sale. Along the way, we will also dedicate a portion of our profits to various charities, in order to make this world a better place.


Ordering: Most sales are placed via our website's shopping cart. However, you may email your order to us or leave a voice mail and pay via check, money order or Pay Pal. If you places an order via email or voice mail, you must wait for an email or phone confirmation with your total. We do take orders over the phone, but we aren't always available to do so.

Payments: We accept money orders mailed. You can print out the order form and mail it with your money order, or simply submit it via email and send the money order separately. We will get your order out promptly upon receipt. If you wish to pay by credit card, Many Miniatures uses the Pay Pal system. This allows you to safely transfer money from a credit card to us or anybody else you wish.

Charges - Sales Tax: Sales Tax is collected for the sales to residents of Virginia at a rate of 5% of the item plus shipping and handling.

Charges - Standard Shipping: Shipping for orders under $25 is based on weight from a minimum of $3.00 to $10.00. Shipping for orders between $30 and $100 is a flat rate of $10.00.
Charges - Priority Mail: Orders Up to $100 are $7.00 and up.
Shipping for orders for items over $100 is free.
International mail is calculated on the check out page, with separate prices for Canada.

Charges - Re-Processing: There is a 10% charge for restocking returned items.

Processing And Shipping Time: Paid orders received before 8am Eastern Time will be shipped noon within two days. If paying by check or money order, items are shipped noon the day after the money clears. Shipping takes 2 to 5 days. Priority Mail orders will be filled within 24 hours after the payment is received. FedEx and UPS shipping is available via special shipping, as long as you provide a account number to charge the shipping to.

Returns: If you are not satisfied with the items purchase or if the item is damaged, you can return them to us within 35 days for a full refund less shipping. Restocking fees apply to undamaged items. We recommend before you order you carefully look over the offered information and email us with any questions to insure satisfaction. In the future we will compile a FAQ list for your convenience.

Incomplete Orders If information is missing from the order, we will do our best to contact the customer. However, if an order can not be filled or delivered for any reason, the order is at risk for being canceled. If we receive a payment but no order, we will attempt to contact the customer once a week for 59 days, at which time, if no contact or order has been made, we will cancel the order or make a best guess at filling it.

Out of Stock Items If an item is out of stock, we will attempt to contact you before shipping. If we do not contact you within 48 hours, we will ship the order as is and send the missing items when they come in.

Unpaid Orders If we don't receive credit card payments within 24 hours or check or money orders within 7 days, a notification will be sent. Orders will be automatically cancelled at the end of 14 days if no contact can be made..

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