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Unicorn Vinyl Figure

Fantastic Creatures

From the days of the ancient Greeks and out of the myths of yore. The pegasus fsoars. Cerberus guards the gates of hell. The cocatrice defies belief. And the phoenix rises from the ashes.

Glow in the dark Ghost Vinyl Figure


The creatures that are not man not animal. The beasts in all humanity and the hybrids of beast and being. Centaurs, Minotaurs, Ghosts and Skeletons, as well as the half human races such as Dwarfs, Trolls and Orcs.

Black Dragon Vinyl Figure


The most ancient of beasts, more powerful that all others. In Asia, they were the rules of the weather and often good. In Europe, they were often the ruin of many a kingdom and princess.

Magic Rat Vinyl Figure

Magical Familiars

Be a wizard. Be a witch. With the various familiars used by magic users, the black cat, the raven, the toad, you can cast your spells like a professional.

Witch Vinyl Figure

Fairytale Characters

It was a time of magic, a time for myth. The wizards ruled over all with fear. The witches practiced in secret. And death was feared by them both.


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