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Many Miniatures offers a wide selection of vinyl animals, featuring many animals detailed any of above standard quality. From jungle to farm to ocean, the variety can surprise you. You might find a Wooly Mammoth or a Sperm Whale or a Jack Russell Terrier. The Farmer and his Wife might tend to their Chickens or a Wizard might save a Unicorn from a Dragon.


Classic Pig Vinyl Animal Figure Mallard Duck Vinyl Animal Figure Calico Cat Vinyl Animal Figure Chestnut Horse Vinyl Animal Figure Hampster Vinyl Animal Figure

Whether it's down on the farm or in your home, these animals are a part of our way of life. From the Cows and Bulls in the pasture or the Horses and Goats in the barn, the Pigs in their sty or the Ducks, Geese and Chickens in the yard to the Dogs, Cats and Hamsters that keep us company, There's a good chance you'll be surprised at the variety available.


White Pelican Vinyl Animal Figure Grizzly Bear with Fish Vinyl Animal Figure Baby Frog Vinyl Animal Figure Sea Lion Vinyl Animal Figure Chimpanzee with Baby Vinyl Animal Figure

From deep in the jungle to the forests and even our backyard, there are more animals that share our planet. Many, like the Tiger or the Elephant, are disappearing or are endangered. Others, like the Deer and the Fox, are so abundant that they visit our neighborhoods in search of food. There are birds galore, like the majestic Bald Eagle or the wise Owl. There are Squirrels and Hedgehogs and Skunks wandering about. And in the cold lands of the tundra there are Polar Bears, Penguins, Seals and Walrus.


Great White Shark Vinyl Animal Figure Sea Turtle Vinyl Animal Figure Manta Ray Vinyl Animal Figure Octopus Vinyl Animal Figure

Under the water's surface lies a different world, one of wonderful and amazing creatures. Schools of Fish swim by, trying not to be the next meal of a hungry Shark. Pods of Whales and Dolphins gather. Near the beaches, Starfish and Crabs enjoy the reef and Seahorses dart about.


Apatosaurus Vinyl Animal Figure Stegosaurus Vinyl Animal Figure Saber-tooth Tiger Vinyl Animal Figure Wooly Mammoth Vinyl Animal Figure

Long ago, before man, lived the great lizards, the dinosaurs. Tyrannosaurus Rex often clashed with the Stegosaurus and the Triceratops when hungry. And after the Dinosaurs died off, the age of mammals was ruled by the Saber-tooth Tiger, on the hunt for a Woolly Mammoth to eat.


Phoenix Vinyl Animal Figure Cerberus Vinyl Animal Figure Unicorn Vinyl Animal Figure Pegusus Vinyl Animal Figure Red Dragon Vinyl Animal Figure

In the legends of fantasy, the Dragons were the beasts that terrorized the countryside. Only the great Wizard could protect the majestic Unicorn and Phoenix from them. Meanwhile, the Witch would mix Toads and Spiders into her potions for purposes unknown.


Astronaut with Case Vinyl Figure Wizard Vinyl Figure Umbrella Acacia Tree Vinyl Figure Farmer Vinyl Figure Death Skeleton Vinyl Figure

The Farmer attends his herd as the Warmer's Wife feeds the Chickens. The Farmhand works in the field while the Milkmaid Looks in on the Cows. The Witch and the Wizard practice their craft in far off lands. A Firefighter leads his crew against a blazing building. Knights storm a castle. And Soldiers battle against the enemy.


Angry Tweety Vinyl Figure Winnie the Pooh with Honey Pot Vinyl Figure Pluto Vinyl Figure Papa Smurf Vinyl Figure

Tweety tricks Sylvester. The Tasmanian Devil creates havoc. Winnie the Pooh enjoys his honey. And the Smurfs have a smurfy day.


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