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Ewe Sheep Vinyl Figure

Domesticated Animals

They're in your homes and in your yard. They're the animals here to help, feed and entertain mankind. The loyal dogs, the sturdy horse, the clever hamster, they are your pets and companions.

Zebra Vinyl Figure

Wild Animals

In the artic and in the jungle, in the forest and in the air. From the penguins to the caribou to the scorpion and the cobra, they roam free, with no rules except the law of nature.

Great White Shark Vinyl Figure

Aquatic Animals

They swim and frollic in the last fronier on Earth. Deep in the sea where the giant squid battles the mighty sperm whale or in the coral reef filled with the rays and fish scholes, this watery world of wonder is a magical place.

Tyrannosaurus Rex Vinyl Figure

Extinct Animals

Gone from the Earth, but not forgotten, the creatures that ruled the planet in the distant past are always a favority. The tyrannasaurus rex and the triceratops wowed us as children. The saber tooth tiger and the wooly mammoth have facinated us as adults. And they always will spur our imagination.

Unicorn Vinyl Figure

Mythic and Magical Animals

From the pages of the faerie tales and imagination, the unicorn and the dragons take flight. The wizards do battle with the mosters of ledgend.

Unicorn Vinyl Figure

Animal Collections

Various collections of types of animals: Mothers and Babies, Americal Icons, Beasts of Burden, etc.

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