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Deer family Vinyl Figure

Woodland Animals

All the woodland creatures scurry away when the bear and the fox are on the hunt. The hare dashes away to their homes. The deer leap into the brush. The raccoon and squirrel climb to saftey.

Polar Bear Vinyl Figure

Animals of the Tundra

In the cold north, the polar bear hunts the sea lion for dinner. The caribou roam the tundra free of cares. In the unforgiving south, the seal seaks a dinner of penguins.

Capercalie Vinyl Figure


Soaring high above our heads, the sky is their kingdom. The hawks prey on the smaller animals while the vultures wait their turn. The sea gulls compete with pelicans for their fish. And the parrot is such a pretty bird.

Lion family Vinyl Figure

Jungle and Safari Animals

In the depths of the overgrowth, living by the law of the jungle. Lions stalk their zebra prey as the Hyena waits for the meerkat. The apes care for their family and hippopotamus frolics in the river.

Panda Family Vinyl Figure

Heartland Animals

These are the fly-over areas, in between those we live. On the prarie and in the hills. The mountain goats enjoy the view. The bison graze. And pandas munch on their bamboo.

Kangaroo Vinyl Figure

Australian Animals

They say after god finished creating the rest of the world, he was bored with the plain and ordinary aminals. Then he made Australia. Here there are mammals that lay eggs and have pouches. The kangaroos and koalas take to the outback. The dingos wander the wild. And duck-billed platypus are plentiful.

Scorpion Vinyl Figure

Rodents and Insects

Quick, call the exterminator. We seem to be overrun with vermin. The spiders are creepy but the butterflies are as equally as beautiful.

Alligator Vinyl Figure

Amphibians and Reptiles

Squirming and slithering to a place near you. The cobra hypnotises. The crocodile strikes. And the tortoise just ambers along getting older.


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