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Great White Shark Vinyl Figure


Sharks don't have bones, their skeleton made of cartilage. Their teeth are not attached to their jaw, merely embedded in the flesh of their mouth. Though modern sharks first appeared 100 million years ago, shark fossils date back as far as 450 million years.

Blue Whales Family Vinyl Figure

Whales and Dolphins

Unlike fish, whales and dolphins are mammals, requiring thick layers of blubber to keep them warm and needing to surface in order to breath. It is believed they were land animals, that 50 million years ago adapted to the water. Manatees prefer warm waters and often make their homes near water treatment plants.

Tropical Angel Fish Vinyl Figure

Tropical Fish

Clown Fish, Angel Fish, Moorish Idol Fish: These colorful salt water fish are popular in aquariums. But in the wild they make their home in coral reefs.

Octopus Vinyl Figure

Other Sea Animals

These are the other animals in the ocean, such as the octopus, rays and starfish.


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